Even though they might be extremely uncomfortable, inner ear disease or other ear infections frequently go away after a few days. If not, antibiotics are the norm for treatment to stop side effects including mastoiditis or hearing loss. The benefits and hazards of homeopathic medicines are not as well understood as those of contemporary medicine since they have not been examined as extensively. With your healthcare provider, discuss these homeopathic therapies.



You could seek homeopathic treatment for inner ear disease or ear pain caused by a cold or the swimming season if you experience either of these conditions. Either the middle ear or the outer ear may get infected. They may be brought on by bacterial, viral, or fungal causes. Otitis externa is the medical name for the outer ear infection. Swimming in contaminated water can cause an outer ear infection, as can inserting objects like a key, earbuds, or pens in the ear, which can irritate the skin there and cause damage.

Otitis media is the medical word for the middle ear infection. Basically, a throat or nose infection is the primary cause of the middle ear infection. The middle ear is frequently infected by colds and throat infections. Through the Eustachian tubes, the throat infection makes its way to the middle ear. The pathway from the neck to the middle ear is known as the Eustachian tube. The main benefit that homeopathic treatments for ear infections promise over conventional treatments is that they employ a holistic method of healing and address both the infection’s symptoms and its underlying causes.



The three major signs of inner ear disease are pain, fluid or thick ear discharge that ranges in color from white to yellow-green, and pressure inside the ear. Acute infection may be accompanied with fever. Vertigo, diminished hearing, and tinnitus is some potential symptoms.

Homeopathic Treatment:


Belladonna, Kali Mur, Merc Sol, and Calcarea Sulph are all strongly advised treatments for ear infections. When an ear infection causes acute pain, belladonna is recommended. One of the greatest treatments for an ear infection with white ear secretions is Kali Mur. When ear discharges are unpleasant and bloody, Merc Sol works wonders. For an ear infection with yellow-colored ear secretions, calerea sulfur is advised.

  • Belladonna and Chamomilla are two excellent remedies for treating ear infections and relieving sudden ear pain. When there is noticeable ear pain and awareness, belladonna is chosen. Severe, throbbing, and pulsating pain is experienced. When a throat infection precedes an ear infection, this is the best option. When there is stitching in the ear, chamomilla works well. The earache gets worse with even a gentle touch. Along with the pressure, there is usually a stopping sensation in the ears. The person may become agitated and irritable due to pain.
  • Kali Mur, Calcarea Sulph, and Pulsatilla are a few really effective treatments for ear infections with ear secretions. When the ear secretions are white in color, Kali mur is quite useful. A good medication for ear infections with thick yellow ear discharge is calerea sulfur. The last medication is Pulsatilla, which is administered when an ear infection results in green discharge.
  • The most effective medications for ear infections with pus discharges are Silicea, Hepar Sulph, and Merc Sol. Wonderful herbal remedies for ear infections that help with pus absorption include silica and hepar sulph. And Merc Sol is a helpful medication when, in addition to pus, blood also begins to ooze from the ear.
  • For ear infections that include unpleasant ear discharge, psorinum and tellurium are acceptable medications. When ear discharge is fetid, repulsive, and putrid, psorinum works well. It could have a brownish hue. Insufferable ear itching may also manifest. When ear discharge is bitter and unpleasant, tellurium is a good prescription. The discharge has a strong fishy smell and is highly upsetting.
  • Excellent medications for ear infections accompanied by fever include Belladonna and hepar sulph. Belladonna is recommended when there is a fever and an ear infection. It is really hot to touch the body. Additionally, Hepar Sulph is advised in cases of fever and pus-like discharge from the ear. There is a noticeable cold and fever.

Efficacy of treatment:


Based on a study in which the efficiency of Pulsatilla D2 was tested on 41 kids and teens with acute ear infections. The outcomes showed that the medications’ effectiveness fell short of expectations. However, there hasn’t been a specific study or piece of research that may attest to the drug’s efficacy. Another study compared the efficacy of homeopathic medicine to conventional medicine.

But because the participants were unaware of the research project, the investigation did not yield any pertinent data. Both investigations fell short of providing enough evidence to support the efficacy of homeopathic treatments for adult earaches.

Side effects of Homeopathic treatment:


No serious adverse effects of homeopathic earache medications have been recorded due to a paucity of trials. However, overdosing or skipping a dose might have negative effects, just like with other medications. Even if there haven’t been any documented negative effects, it is still preferable to see your doctor before using these medications.

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